All your organizations with just one click

Monokee allows you to manage different business domains from a single access point, associating each of them with profiled identities based on the role that each one plays in each company.


All business domains with a single login

The handiness in using Monokee for all organisation that need to manage multiple business domains is the ability to access all this domains simply through a single authentication, and therefore a single password, which allows access in a totally safe and fast way. When the administrator and users change the company domain, they are associated with all the roles and privileges inherent to the role they cover in each company.

Multi-Domain Management in One Tenant

Monokee's patented system enables the management of multiple domains within the same tenant, offering strong segregation between domains. Instead of managing a single data source for users, identities, and flows, Monokee allows for clear distinction between various domains.


Independent Yet Connected Business Units

For instance, a company's IT department can manage a tenant for the entire organization, while ensuring each Business Unit (BU) remains independent and completely isolated.
The IT department may have privileged accounts that allow interaction across different domains, facilitating platform management and configurations.


Trusted Identity Transitions Between Domains

Domains can be linked through trusted relationships to enable smooth identity transitions between them. Administrators, for example, might manage different domains with varying privileges and roles but maintain the same identity. These accounts are referred to as "Siblings."