Empowering IAM through Identity Orchestration

Monokee seamlessly integrates powerful IAM capabilities with a low/no code identity orchestrator. This fusion enables efficient customization of identity journeys, improving user experience and meeting diverse business needs.



IAM Project time cut


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Elevating the User Experiences

Harness the unparalleled power of our Visual Identity Orchestrator to take complete control of your digital identity, redefining the way authentication processes are designed with an intuitive and fully visual approach.


"Thanks to Monokee and it’s Visual Identity Orchestrator, we’re experiencing faster security workflow implementation and more customization options. I feel empowered to take control of our identities like never before."

Alberto Bottelli - Director of IT department


Rapid Deployment
Accelerate the implementation of identity solutions with our agile framework, reducing setup time and speeding up time-to-market.


User-Friendly Design
Experience the ease of designing authentication processes with our intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, making complex configurations simple and accessible.


Tailored Solutions
Customize the user journey to fit your unique business requirements, offering unparalleled flexibility in configuring identity workflows.


Enhanced Security
Ensure the highest level of digital identity protection with robust security measures integrated into every step of the identity orchestration process.


Flexible Authentication
Support multiple authentication methods, including biometrics, tokens, and passwords, to provide secure and convenient access control.


Federated Authentication
Leverage cutting-edge protocols like SAML, OAuth, and OpenID Connect to enable secure, cross-domain authentication, simplifying user access across diverse systems.


Centralized Management
Easily manage user access across multiple platforms and geographies from a single, unified interface.


Real-Time Monitoring
Track and audit access in real-time, ensuring prompt response to any unauthorized activities or security breaches.

Access Management

Streamline access control, enhance security, and safeguard against threats with our comprehensive Access Management solution. Simplify user authentication, authorization, and privilege management for seamless protection of your valuable resources.


Passwordless journey

This innovative approach not only enhances security but also delivers an effortless and seamless user experience, allowing quick and easy access to critical applications and data with just a few clicks or taps. It’s a game-changer for anyone looking to take their access control to the next level.


Biometric Authentication
Utilize advanced biometric technologies like fingerprint and facial recognition for a secure, password-free login experience.


Mobile Integration
Seamlessly access applications and data through mobile devices, enabling convenient authentication on-the-go without the need for traditional passwords.


FIDO Protocol Adoption
Measure the extent of FIDO protocol integration in our passwordless solutions, ensuring strong authentication standards and enhancing user trust.

ssi iteraction

SSI Ready

Self-sovereign identity empowers individuals to take control of their own digital identity and personal data, enabling them to securely and privately manage their online interactions and transactions.


“By leveraging self-sovereign identity, our software solution has been able to enhance patient / doctor privacy and control, reduce identity fraud, and improve the efficiency and security of our healthcare systems.”

Riccardo Roggeri - CEO