Monokee joins the Sovrin Foundation as a Steward

Monokee joins the Sovrin Network as a Steward, an international non-profit alliance of companies, to contribute to Sovrin’s noble mission to create the Internet’s long-missing trust layer and provide a global public utility for digital identity to people, organizations, and things.

Monokee’s vision is to integrate business by enabling zero-touch automation of customer movement across multiple domains. To achieve this, Monokee’s engineers work to deliver an SSI toolbox that will allow effortless integration for data governance, multi-party trust, and accounting.

“As Steward, our pledge is to provide the building blocks to facilitate the transition from centralized and federated IAM solutions toward decentralized and distributed ones so that both the community and the enterprise actors shall benefit from the advantages of both worlds.”

Roberto Griggio, CEO

Monokee becomes a Sovrin Steward

Stewards are responsible for operating the nodes that maintain the Sovrin Network—a distributed ledger that allows people and organizations to control their digital identities through SSI technology.

The 50+ Sovrin Stewards play a major role in network governance, ensuring that it is independent from control by any one industry, company, enterprise, or nation. See

“The Sovrin Foundation is delighted to have Monokee join the Sovrin Steward Community,” says Stephen Curran, Chair of the Sovrin Foundation Board of Trustees. “Monokee’s approach in extending its strength in traditional IAM solutions with innovative new SSI based-solutions shows Monokee’s leadership in the identity space, now and in the future.”

You can have a look at the Sovrin Foundation’s press release here.

About the Sovrin Foundation

The Sovrin Foundation is a nonprofit organization established to administer the Governance Framework governing the Sovrin Network, a decentralized global public network enabling self-sovereign identity on the internet. The Sovrin Foundation is an independent organization that is responsible for ensuring the Sovrin identity system is public and globally accessible.

About Monokee 

Monokee works natively in a heterogeneous business ecosystem, including industrial, banking, and healthcare customers. The proprietary visual engine enables systems administrators to implement integrated governance policies for classic IAM scopes and domain or business-specific scenarios. Thanks to this powerful and unique visual builder, and with the addition of SSI-enabled tech., Monokee brings cross-domain zero-touch IAM to the multi-stakeholder application scenario. We natively incorporate multiple distributed ledger technologies to provide seamless services integration to facilitate security and trust delegation in dynamic multi-party ecosystems through end-to-end verifiable and interoperable trust chains to support technology, governance, and, notably, community innovation.