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Trust and data protection: SSI potential regarding privacy

Behind the massive development expected for Self-Sovereign Identity for the coming years, analysts identify in this technology the potential to fill existing gaps about users’ involvement in the management process of their identities. The first requirement is connected to the increasing need of restoring the famous “layer of trust” which is broken in the Internet […]

The growing importance of Multi Factor Authentication

Each organisation, regardless of the size and the sector in which it operates, must handle every day huge amount of data. The confidentiality of these data must be ensured at any time. Protecting the company information assets represents one of the most urgent and crucial challenges the top management is currently facing. This challenge lies […]

CYBER (IN)SECURITY: perception and mitigation of a global threat

Data and cyber security, as an intangible concept, has been relegated for a long time to a marginal position within organizations. The ongoing technological evolution did not go hand in hand with the development of risk-awareness and the need to adopt appropriate countermeasures with regard to cyber security. However, the threat has assumed an unprecedent […]

SSI as a tool of GDPR compliance

Personal data represent today one of the most valued goods on the market. Consequently, those who holds the personal data can exercise a considerable amount of power toward those who the data belong, in the other words, the individual to whom these data refer. In the digital age, identity management has been affected by an […]